<i>Welcome to Horseville,</i><i>the home of  Mike Jelinek</i>
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Welcome to Horseville,the home of Mike Jelinek

Hey there, I am a concept designer who worked on projects such as Terminator: Dark Fate (Directed by Tim Miller and produced by Jim Cameron), Future Ink (Collaboration project between Wacom and ArsElectronica), Love, Death and Robots (Blur production, distribution Netflix, season3) or Dubai’s museum of the future exhibition (Research with Tellart Amsterdam).
I am also an academic researcher interested in mind, creativity, and ideation in design and cognitive sciences. My work focuses on the role of the human body in creativity and the impact of technology such as VR and AI.

As an artist, I explore gesture and physicality in traditional media, such as drawing. I am also utilising digital tools, primarily virtual reality.
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