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Ideation sketching in design


"Metasketching" creative workshop focuses on developing the capability to explore a given topic as a designer and then effectively develop visual representations of emerging ideas. Participants will learn about the theory of creative cognition throughout the course, which will allow them to understand better the mental processes associated with forming new ideas and the functions of cognitive maps. They will then apply this knowledge through practical exercises.
Although some visual ideation techniques are relatively well known, this workshop will place them in the scientific context of cognitive psychology, allowing participants better to apply these unique techniques to the typical design process.

Workshop overview

• Theory
• Philosophy of Creative Cognition
• Principles of ideation workshop
• Practice
• Ideation sketching techniques
• Practical exercises on given topic

Workshop goals

• Learn about cognitive aspects of ideation sketching
• Learn about main principles of efficient ideation sketching
• Learn and practice major ideation sketching techniques
• Practice ideation sketching on real case
• Learn how to evaluate the ideation sketches
• Discuss positioning of ideation sketching in the current design pipeline

Workshop structure

DAY 01
• 09:00 Introduction and set up, theme briefing
• Short talk about ideation vs. communication sketching
• 10:00 The first sketch exercise, 15 min max, followed with a short break
• 10:30 Review and discussion
• 10:45 Verbalisation exercise
• 11:30 Lecture - IDEATION SKETCHING theory
• 12:45 Lunch break
• 14:00 Body storming exercise, followed with a short break
• 15:00 8x5 exercise (8 sketches, 5 minutes each)
• 16:00 Review and presentations
• 17:00 Wrap up and discussion (18:00 or open end)

DAY 02
• 09:00 Recap and set up
• 09:30 Lecture on 2d ideation techniques - demo
• 10:30 Exercises: Pareidolia, Thumbnails, Silhouettes
• 13:00 Lunch break
• 14:00 Case study (Terminator: Dark fate)
• 14:30 Introduction to digital ideation in 2d, line efficiency - Demo
• 15:30 Practical exercise
• 17:00 Wrap up and discussion (18:00 or open end)

Workshop setup and requirements

• Max. 6 participants at the time
• Basic sketching tools (Pens, pencils, A4 papers)
• PC/MAC with Wacom graphics tablet, Photoshop. Sketchbook Pro or similar
• Projection screen for lecturer

Previous workshops and lectures

  • STU Bratislava, Slovakia
  • UMPRUM Prague, Czechia
  • ISD Valenciennes, France
  • University of Western Bohemia, Czechia
  • SCAD Savannah, USA
  • CCS Detroit, USA
  • THU - Troia, Portugal
  • View conference, Torino, Italy
  • Splash conference, Prague, Czechia
  • Megapixel, Prague, Czechia

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