VR Tape Drawing
An insight into car design process in VR.

VR tribute: TRON
The cult.

Neuron to Brain to Neuron

VR tribute: Kamil Lhotak
VR Tribute to Kamil Lhotak, the Czech painter who loved airplanes, airships and airports.

VR tribute: SYD MEAD
The first episode of tributes to my favorite artists and designers, where we meet Syd Mead, the father of concept art.

Virtual Reality - From Google’s Tiltbrush to 360 panorama
Small tutorial on how can you share your VR creations with Facebook audience. In example.

VR tribute: Architecture drawings
Technical precision meets subtle water color atmosphere

Virtual Reality: Cyber Haiku
Android Samurai and his cyber adventures

What is Formbashing?
Short overview and description of the Formbashing method.

Beyond inspiration 02
Formcollider experiment.

Beyond inspiration 01
The first test and initial experiment with generative base mesh script. Python example for Blender3d included.

Formbashing tutorial
Learn what Formbashing method represents, why it works and how you can implement it in your creative workflow using zBrush and generic CAD application.