November 2017

VR tribute: Lebbeus Woods

Lebbeus Woods, one of my favorite architects, inspires me not only with his visual style and technique, but mainly with his unique opinion on the way we design and perceive buildings. Among the other, his manifesto "Radical reconstruction" is a must read for any concept designer and futurist. As it is not a long reading, it shouldn't be any challenge. Winking

Following images were all rendered with Keyshot and edited with Photoshop. The models were made in VR using GravitySketchVR.


Scarpar prototype testing

Scarpar is an electric off-road vehicle designed to experience board riding sensation in any weather conditions. Here are some of the very first videos from the prototype testing.

We were testing different riding positions, support handles, and hard/soft/wet surfaces.

Please register at for updates on production availability.