Welcome to Horseville Design Labs*!

Hi there, this is Michal “Mike” Jelinek here. I am a designer, author, occasional educator, and VR creator. My work usually balances on that thin edge where practical and concept design meets with fiction and speculation. Some may call it art, but I prefer to use the word design.

My professional history includes various creative positions at design and styling departments of VW, Skoda, Citroen, GM Europe, Mercedes both as employee or freelancer. I've also worked at Alias/Autodesk, where I learned to understand the software development along with business processes while staying loyal to my subject matter - creative design for automotive. Starting 2012, I keep myself busy at my design consulting company with clients around the world, mainly in Australia, USA or China. My primary subject matter and focus are on alternative transportation, research, concept design, and digital creativity as a theme in general.

Aside from my consulting services, I am occasionally giving lectures focusing on the creative use of digital tools, especially 3d and VR. Just to name few, I have recently spoken at CCS in Detroit, ISD at France and India, or held a VR workshop at Prague College.

For more information, please follow any of the links located bellow. Also, feel free to visit the galleries at Artstation, Behance or jump to Gumroad to purchase some of my tutorials.

And of course, if you feel like, contact me with freelance or commission inquiries.

*Labs stand for labradors. Yes, I've got two.