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Hi there!

I am a designer of future products, related services, and brands. Being a keen explorer of emerging technologies, scientific discoveries, and even social, economic or cultural trends, I enjoy translating these research results into speculative or fictional concepts. In many cases, my ideas move over from fiction to function, and they get prototyped, tested and manufactured.

You will find state of the art technologies in my toolset: high-end 3d systems such as Autodesk Alias (since 1996), VR with HTC Vive and LeapMotion, GravitySketch VR in which development I also participate in an advisory role.

Notwithstanding my long creative (mostly CAS) career in the automotive segment, I was always reaching beyond product design and questioned the way we design and use objects, and had strived to explain them in the right context. Starting 2016, I am researching human perception in design context as part of my postgraduate studies at Prague College.

I also work for entertainment industries (film and games), where I provide mainly concept design services. (Blur Studio, Orior Dynamics, Fig Production)

Feel free to contact me with project inquiries and commissions offers.

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